Thursday, February 3, 2011

DIY androgenizing project WIN!!!!

For those of you who don't know me, one of the supplement-o-ramas I'm taking is quercetin.  Loads of quercetin.

I've worked up to 16 grams a day...because the more of these yellow pills I take, the better my allergies and asthma do. I'm not sure more would be helpful, but I am sure it's already costing me a lot for the pills.

Quercetin works as a mast cell stabilizer and I can absolutely attest to it working-although I didn't see a difference until my dose crested 3 grams-so if you stumbled on this, and want to use it for allergies, you too are going to pop several big yellow pills.

Small amounts don't seem to cut it for allergy control-personal experience and what I've read online. You need to think in terms of grams for allergy control.

I myself take ten pills morning and night, 800 milligrams, that come with 500 milligrams bromelain in them.  Bromelain's supposed to increase absorption.  I also take 1500-2000 mg vitamin c at the same time-also to heighten absorption.

Ideally, all blended into a protein smoothie, since the taste isn't bad...although the smoothie does turn Simpson yellow or some variant thereof. And will stain white clothing.

That dose, along with some zyrtec, singulair, add-ons of claritin and/or tavist serve my spectacular allergies for about 12 hours before starting to obviously wear off for me-as in the constant postnasal stream increases.

Now... in the past two days I've found out other stuff quercetin *may* do.

One-it seems to cause mitochondriogenesis in muscle and brain cells.  This might help explain why I seem to have more energy and need less sleep...when not sick from sinusitis, of course...or depressed.
It might too explain why I'm more prone to restlessness and agitation these days.

It *could* explain why my memory seems to be improving.  It could explain why I seem to suffer from fatigue less and wake alert and coherent. I didn't use to.

I have energy to do things..and unless my anxiety turns crippling, I really, really need it.  I have the Red Queen Syndrome. I have to run as fast as I can just to stay in place...and I really need to be running faster because I'm not getting anywhere.

But on to the stuff I looked up today...quercetin is an aromatase inhibitor! 
 Not the strongest one, but 16 FREAKING GRAMS A DAY, there may be a decent percentage of estrogen prevention.

Aromatase is what causes sex hormone precursors to be converted into estrogen...sans aromatase, as I understand it, testosterone is not converted to estrogen.

With the plant-based polyphenols, of which quercetin is one...the inhibition's inefficient, incomplete, and reversible...but I don't have access to meds. At least not yet, and not until I have more $$$.

 Since I thought I needed grapeseed extract for aromatase inhibition...there are two bottles of DHEA sitting on top of the microwave, unopened.

 You see, without an aromatase inhibitor, I'd be willy-nilly making sex hormones, probably both male and female in equal amounts. Hi puberty...I didn't really want you back, thanks.

50 mg a day of DHEA is where the "unwanted" side effects have been vocal deepening, facial hair, receding hairline...

I can afford to take DHEA at that dose, it's not that expensive, if I don't also have to spend another $25 a month on an herbal aromatase inhibitor...and I find I already AM taking an herbal-based aromatase inhibitor for something unrelated, in fact I MUST take it at a high dose in order to counter disease symptoms.

So I might as well use the other bennies of the stuff, right?  I take about $45 worth a month of it.

 Throw in some 7-keto, resume two teaspoons of turmeric per day (I need to do that anyway to help with the sinusitis), plus two teaspoons a day of the maca I've bought, and I hope to craft a DIY precipitation towards androgyny.

Oh, and grow some Tribulus Terrestris from seed.  Carefully, probably in containers in the driveway so it can't get out and run amok.

(For those of you who are buying Tribulus Terrestris pills...dude, the stuff's an invasive weed! Grow your own.  Carefully, in a pot, so it can't get out and slash your tires with its seedpods. 
 It's a freaking hoodlum of a plant.)

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Hylie Random said...

Um...I don't know if this is going to have a body-changing effect, but my libido is suddenly going very nuts. This has the interesting effect of making me be not only in love but feel madly infatuated with my wife, such that I get aroused just touching her or being next to her.

It's kind of annoying considering how busy we both are, but interesting.