Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rachel from cardholder services called...

I'm sure you've gotten these...calls, it's an automated recording that says "This is Rachel from cardholder services.  We need to confirm your account information." or some such B.S.
It's obviously phone phishing.  I assume that if you were foolish enough to give them your credit card info, they'd clean you out.

Well, today, my wife picked up the phone, and got this very robocall.... and held on until the automated system connected her with a live guy...who later turned out to be in Mumbai...but that's skipping ahead.

I'm in the bathroom, and what I hear is this:"Yes, can you please put me on your no-call list?"
"Um, no, I don't have a cordless phone...well! I see!  I hope a poisonous snake crawls up your intestines, but first it eats your balls...yes, Mumbai? I know where Mumbai is, if I'm ever there I'll have to look you up...maybe the next Pakistani bomb will get you this time?"

Apparently the guy had started it by suggesting my wife take the phone and shove it up her ass...

As she put it afterwards: "They may know what customer service is, but they have absolutely no truck with it."

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