Monday, February 28, 2011

Built planting beds today-and I have made dirt!

I did a lot of work, and feel inordinately happy for having done so. Three beds made, three beds lined.
I cut two scavenged pallets in half, remove the underside boards from two of the four pieces, and nail the results together.  I then line that with cardboard first (dumpster-dived, natch), then pack other people's yard waste inside that.
Thank you, other people, for being neat freaks and throwing out your hardwood leaves, pine needles, and most especially grass clippings!
Those turn into dirt much faster than the hardwood leaves and pine needles.

In fact, I dug down in the holey water trough-it's a 600 gallon trough the neighbor gave me-and I have made dirt! I filled it up with leafmould last fall, and at least the bottom composted. There's probably about a yard of really rich humus in there, ready to be mixed with topsoil and then used.

Went and got some more cardboard- I have more beds to line.

Because I have physical energy, physical activity isn't the flog-the-carcass experience that it was when the sinuses were full of crud.  I am enjoying the heck out of this project.

But I got green crud out of my nose...uhoh.

Next weekend, I'm going to be tied up learning to ride a motorcycle-motorcycle riders safety course.
Provided that goes well I'll be talking to my credit union about pre-approval, then, provided I can do it given a $500 down, the shopping trip commences.

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