Wednesday, March 2, 2011

And the Teahaddis declared war on me first, too...

I would like to advance the idea that the hard right wing can no longer be dealt with rationally.

They are not here to coexist peacefully with us.  They've declared war.

Case in point:
 The following is excerpted from an article on The Hill, Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) speaking:

Tea Party activists pushed members to stand firm on spending cuts and the debt limit.  "They don't want us to get pushed around, which is exactly what I believe in," he said. "You've got to stand firm or you're going to lose credibility."
What do Dems perennially do? compromise.  Compromise can make you look good to someone who holds an ideal of compromise. 

When we lefties compromise with the hard right, we're projecting our own belief system on people who don't share it- to wit, that we are reasonable, and that reasonable people compromise, work together, build relationships, get along...

Well, we place a value-a high one, on being reasonable.  We're dealing with people who grew up in right-wing millenialist circles, and they believe in purity, not reason. They are not here to get along with people who of differing faiths, who behave differently, who look or think differently.  They are not here to be fair, equitable, even-handed, to embrace the Democratic spirit, to be tolerant of diverse points of view and accept that things cannot be all their way (since they aren't a majority)...

They are here to purge.

These people think that compromise indicates weakness.
They do not want to work with us.
They do not want to live with us


They want to see our points of view quashed, our personal freedoms (like same-sex intercourse and relationships) hidden again and most likely made a felony offense again.

They want their view of the country to prevail, no matter who they have to stomp on, shut up or threaten to do that. Religious minorities had better shut up.  People who aren't drinking the free-market lassiez-faire Kool-aid, they better shut up too.  People who want affordable health care, a social-safety net, affordable housing? Pollution control? limits on business monopolies?

They want us to all just shut up and become invisible. Or they would like to make us dead, in some cases.

They are on a holy war to purge the infidels, not a campaign for reasonable government.

As a queer, a third-gender person, a spouse of a trans woman, and a politically vocal person...this could get ugly.

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