Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Paging Mistress Moonbeam Manners!

As a Pagan, how does one graciously deal with the Christians?

 -How do you turn down invites to come to church on Sunday morning?   I just had to do that from someone I like, and it was most...uncomfortable.

-How do you respond when someone asks "Are you saved?" knowing full well this person's going to attach to you like a limpet for half an hour if you don't lie? At that point, are you justified in being rude? 
A person I knew was harassed on a city bus so persistently she had to threaten to follow the Christian lady home and poop on her lawn in order to get left alone.

-How do you respond when someone starts talking about the Christian god around you? Do you clam up or come out of the broom closet? What if you're at work?   I  live in the bible belt, so I get it at work.

-Why is it that those who seem the most forward about their Christianity are often out to pull one over on you in any business dealing you might have? I've seen this multiple times, including a minister who tried to buy something from me for way less than its' value...and after I refused his final offer he admitted he had just wanted to resell it at a better price.

-Why do they expect respect for their beliefs when, if I am foolish enough to present my beliefs, I am disrespected?

-How could one potentially point out how rude they themselves are being when they try to convert you, in the nicest way possible?

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