Sunday, February 6, 2011

I think we'll see more of this

I had a super-busy day today, now I'm tired and cranky.

I built planting beds, cleaned the house, went shopping, did a metric shit-ton of dishes. Now it's midnight, and I have to be up @ 6:30 to get to the ENT clinic.

But I saw a couple of things @ Pam's House Blend that scare me:

And this one-they have been harassed,vandalized, and now their house was torched.
And this one, linked by a poster-the guy had lived there for a long time-oh, and he's disabled:

I think it's a combination of things: we're getting scapegoated for the economy...why? 'cause we're here...
The really rabid fundies have a habit of blaming whatever bad thing happens to America on us...
That and we're making progress.
Whenever you make progress you get a backlash.

And a third factor: people seem to just be going mean, and bad, and crazed, and violent, above and beyond the bad economy...there seems to be a lot of people out there with fuses burning away on top of their heads...ready to explode at any minute.
At least people seem to drive more like psychos than they used to.

I was really annoyed at my wife when she spent $900 on a Ruger mini 14.    At the time I thought she was being paranoid.

Now I want a 12 gauge shotgun, a Kalashnikov, and a nice concealed-carry pistol myself.

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