Sunday, January 30, 2011


Last night I noticed something that looked like mouse poo.  So I set a kill-trap.
Today I saw Fly, the second kitten I've rescued out of a freeway breakdown lane, digging at it-I had it boxed in to make sure she wouldn't bat at the trap and get hurt.
But she wanted the dead mousie in it!  I had got one and not noticed.

Now we currently have eight cats...and NONE of them are good mousers.  Why bother, I guess?
 SO I thought-ooh, let's see if I can get her to catch mice!  So I chopped the head most of the way off, to show her there were noms inside the mousie, and then let her have the carcass.

She didn't eat it, she just chewed on it and knocked it all over the linoleum.  Foolishly I let her take the dead mouse into the spareroom though...and now she's HID it!

I suspect we're not going to find it until we can smell it...ewwwww. Just in time for D&D night on Tuesday. Just when you thought our house couldn't smell worse than dogfeet...

Here is Fly.  We would like to find a home for Fly.

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