Saturday, January 29, 2011

What I put in my coffee this morning

Coffee, if I drink it everyday, will make me pee myself. Urinary tract irritant. Therefore it has to remain an occasional treat.

Today I am at the top end of a Prednisone taper.  This causes irritability from hell along with actual agitation and cognitive focus problems.

That, and the Prednisone and the antibiotics are knocking back the sinusitis.  This means that the antidepressant combo I was using-Sertraline 200 mg, Buspirone 60 mg, and unbeknownst to my doctor: 5htp 200 mg...well, I strongly suspect that's too much, now that the sinusitis is getting better.

The unbeknownst to my doctor part is due to the wonders of county healthcare-I strongly suspect honesty will get me cut off, and I need the gub'mint pills, too.   OTOH, until I added the 5htp, I WAS STILL SUICIDAL.

I go to three different clinics there, at the county: pulmonary, ENT, and psych. The county system doesn't have guidelines, they have rules, and you will fit within the rules(heil!) Or else. Period. No exceptions. Doctors don't get wiggle room, neither do their patients.

So if I told the psychiatrist what I was doing, and he continued to treat me with the SSRI/SNRI combo, he'd be legally liable.  Keep my mouth shut and it's all on me.
I just love the hell out of being forced to be dishonest, oh yeah.

Anyway, regarding why I believe my depression to be worsened by the sinusitis...

I need to put up some evidence to back up why I think this to be so...but there will be Science.  And linky goodness.  Inflammatory reactions in the body actually effect brain chemistry such that depression is a likely outcome.

What I put in the coffee:
-100 mg l-theanine
-30 drops Kava root extract
-approx. 1/8th tsp picamilon (Gaba/b3 combo that *can* cross the brain/blood barrier, sold as a prescription in Europe, otc here.)
-50 mg 5htp
I also took 200 mg of the l-theanine....and I'm going to wait until my wife leaves for work to take the pred, as I can expect to get cranky afterwards.

With the picamilon, I've noticed I'm more lovey and warm, but, as with any of the the supplements I take besides 5htp, the effects are mild/moderate. My anxiety is easier to control than my agitation and anger, it seems.

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