Sunday, October 31, 2010

Barbie descends to Hades' realm at the turning of the year...

I am feeling mentally well but physically ill.  I wasn't up to much-my ear seems to be infected.  I was going to get more done, I always am...

Yesterday, we went walking, and found a place where buffalo gourds and passion vine are growing-I believe said passion vine's the kind that produces edible fruits...we need to get back out there real soon now and dig some of the plants up...also think there's Chinese Water Spinach growing there-identification's the issue-and that can go in the bathtub our neighbor gave us.  It's so easy to grow around here it's become an invasive non-native species, and if I wasn't worried about chemical toxicity issues, I'd be wild-harvesting like Bear Grylls on that stuff...but there's been a lot of dumping around here, this here's Oil Country, and they write the laws, pretty-near much

Generally, my thought is if it's invasive, nonnative and edible you probably aren't eating enough of it.

The wife and I went to a garden center, and were most annoyed to find that the fall winter veggies advertised as on sale were not on sale,even though the sale circular I read said so; there were signs everywhere that shouted "70% off!" and we had to void the purchase, take most of it back, and rechoose stuff that was actually on sale...

While at the garden center, we were looking around for more clearance items, and I found a dwarf pomegranate. It was only hip high...but it was actually mature and in fruit.  The fruits were the size of berries.

I showed this to my wife: "Look, honey, it's a tiny little pomegranate, with tiny little pomegranates on it."
My wife looked at the berry-sized pomegranates and said: "You could use those to make Barbie spend six months in Hades."

It took me a good minute to stop laughing.

Then we went to a big-box store and found two bargain-packs of kale...on sale! 50% off! Yay! Kale tolerates mild freezes-which is usually all we get here.

I bought some potting soil in which green onions and garlic are going to be grown, in a giant pot.  Green onions are really easy to grow, and you can't buy garlic chives in a store.

Tonight I'm going to meditate, I think.  My project is started-barely, but started nonetheless, and I'm going to try to make the final draft of my first sigil.  Oh, and gargle ten tons of hot saltwater, to try to depressurize my ear.

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