Thursday, November 4, 2010

politics rant: a 2-parter

Here's my rant o' the day about politics, and why, even though I voted, I know it doesn't matter that much:

The people who choose the people we vote for are not us.  They are not necessarily on our side. They do not necessarily have our best interest at heart.   They have an agenda that may or may not match the one we have for ourselves, and may or may not include the application of force or punishment.

I vote for the Democrats, but as a queer-identified person since the age of 16, I fully know what it's like to be "serviced" by only one major party.   They know full well that as rabid as the republicans have gradually become, very few of us are going to vote for the GOP.   Which means they don't really have to do very much FOR us, just not be malignantly OPPOSED to us.

They don't have to do anything to get our support, really-the far right republicans do all the work for them.

As for people who aren't gender or sexual minorities, though, both parties have been bought, and that's fairly obvious.   What's sad though, is that we, the American working-class, are now, as a group, SO broke, and the rich people so wealthy in comparison, that even were we to pool our resources, I don't think we can afford to buy our politicians back.

In my earlier post, I mentioned trying to grow my own food.  I'm also trying to learn to fix my own car...and I want to grow my own medicinal plants.
Americans really need to learn the kind of creative making-do that typifies third-world countries, because I think that is where we're headed-most of us, those who aren't rich.

The politicians don't want us to make our own decisions...but if we did, we would need to be the kind of people who made our own decisions...not just a few of us, but all of us-or at least most of us-would have to be more resistant to being deceived, because we've somehow become a nation of ignorant, pigheaded fools, very eager to have someone cater to our prejudices, rather than challenge them.

And that's going to be the second part...coming soon.

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