Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The white bedsheet crew

Some yoyo put a KKK recruiting flyer in our driveway. My wife found it Saturday. She's all wigged out and the guns loaded. I'm all Not because I don't necessarily take them as a semi-serious threat, just not a very BIG semi-serious threat. And they aren't a NEW threat, if that makes sense.
They have always been here, and when there's less crumbs falling from the table, the cockroaches WILL crawl out of the woodwork...

Probably less of a threat now since it became harder to get pseudoephedrine.  A lot of the white power guys were making their money off of bathtub meth production around here.

We're kind of on the dividing line between suburban and rural here, and on the Gulf coast somewhere, so, unfortunately this sort of thing comes with the territory.

I seem to remember this happening before, and nothing came of it.  But I'm contemplating a concealed carry for when I'm exercising in the neighborhood-and a handgun that is concealable.
My current pistol's a heavy sucker, and classic verging on antique-I don't want to get sweat on it.
Everybody knows us as the dyke couple, so it's possible I/we could get targeted...if anyone felt like targeting us. I just think they won't get anybody.

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