Thursday, October 21, 2010

it's not just me

I think that at least 30% of the misery in my adult life can be attributed to the fact that I never have made a wage that keeps me comfortably well ahead of expenses-if it keeps me ahead of expenses AT ALL.
The other 30%, maybe more comes from lack of access to good, affordable health care.
And I'm at my midlife.  My personal store of hope that this will ever get better, or get better in time for me to build wealth while I can still get hired...

I think I may always be poor. Always be shut out of the glittering First World America I can see...hell, I can even work in it and for it, but I can't own a piece of it.
 To paraphrase Langston Hughes, I think my American dream is going to sag like a heavy load...and it will be deferred...forever.  I doubt I will live to see myself climb out of poverty these days.

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