Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yet another way I disturb people

I think I scared my friend Squirrel today.

I told him what I'd like to do to the man who crippled him through sexual abuse...it's not a pretty thought...To me it's a very happy one.

The man has hurt my friend.  I want to hurt this man. Badly. Doesn't mean I necessarily would act on the desire...there's a little matter of going to jail...

Am I supposed to feel guilty about this?

My friend was so horribly abused he can't think about it without vomiting.

He's a wreck of a person when he could have been brilliant, happy, and successful.
I read what he says sometimes and I just start crying.

I wish I could hurt the man who did this to him.
I would enjoy that so much.

To another friend, I said, of a woman who was stalked and raped multiple times by the same guy..."I'd be proactive, take it to the police, get protection, but if it came to it, and he came back, I'd arrange to be sitting in the dark, waiting to fill his belly full of buckshot."

"Because a rapist is a waste of oxygen."
People don't understand my sorrow and morbidity.

I don't think people understand this righteous killing fury either....


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