Friday, June 3, 2011

friends in the box part 1

I have contacted people, and people are E-mailing me...

This makes me feel ridiculously happy. I feel like I am opening presents on a holiday.

I am trying to get a 19-year old girl on a survivor's forum to save herself. This is hard because everyone's destroyed her, abandoned her, kicked her to the curb.

I think I'm going to lose and she's going to kill herself.

This makes me very sad.  She's a very lost and very broken little child... seems much younger than 19.

I see my broken self in her.  If/when I lose her...this will hurt.

We older people...we all let her down, failed this bright, sweet little child so horrendously.

Dealing with her this much may be too painful for me, I may have to talk less to keep from upending myself...I'm crying over her.

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GettingBetter said...


I love your blog. I was going through comments on my blog today and realized that one of my favorite ones of all time...memory being fragmented like windshield wipers...came from a discussion by you and another person. Thanks! When I set out to write my stuff, I envisioned a trigger-happy free for all where I said what actually went down and what the interior traumarama was actually like to live in. I kind of failed...traumatized people on one of those boards got upset, other ppl began to read things and I almost got respectable, and everything came out so civil...people liked it, but I failed to capture or communicate tha undead, no sense, fragmentary, utterly sick and twisted, sometimes in ways funny enough to keep me around another day kind of stuff going on in my head. Thanks so much for doing this blog, it speaks for a part of my that still has no voice and its kinda nice to not be the only person whose mind is made of windshield wipers, rotting corpse children, and horrific things that really weren't so bad as they could have been (ummm, not), and two or three or more genders. Ummm, thank you! {}