Thursday, June 9, 2011

An interlude: my coworker

 I think I have more heavy-duty caca coming...but it's not here yet, just inbound.

So, my coworker...I have worked there for a little over a year...and he never shows up on time.

I was warned of this by the lady I replaced...and I said to myself "Okay, if Moral Hazard (Haz for short) won't show up on time, I want that time on my paycheck."
Haz, you see, ends up being 8 to 10 minutes late, 5 days a week.  Hot damn, that's nearly an hour a week I have to wait on his delinquent ass.  It needs to end up on my check, not his.

We had one blowup about it...I tried to talk to him about it...this because he complained I was going by the clients time, not some other time.  Not that he was on time by the cellphone, which is run off of a national standard time.

If you are late by that, bud, your ass is late.  If my ass is late, I don't lie.  You don't get to either. Life's a bitch.
Man up or show your ass up on time. It's called honesty.  Your Christian ass should try it sometime.

Well, now the client's time is set to a national server, it's accurate.

And now...Haz keeps trying to rewrite my time on my shift reports. Which is how I fill out the timesheet prior to faxing it off if I haven't written it down on a second piece of paper(something I have now been required to do; thank you Haz.)

Only....he has no access to liquid paper.

Not only that, Haz has no access to a clue. He's a MORON.

He writes over my numbers in a completely different hand!.
He does not even have the brains to notice that I close my fours at the top.  His are like an inverted H. That, and he makes these big bubble letters. I scrawl like a doctor.

I got pissed and reported this to the supers, because as it initially stood, he saw the timesheet last, and probably got away with altering my time at least one week, before I noticed. The rat bastard.

 My company sucks...they told me to fax my timesheet in...never mind he's engaging in altering a legal document. Supposed to be an insta-fire!
Real professional there, folks.

But I decided if they don't care, I'm not going to be pissed.  I'll just stop it.

Haz tried again with yesterday's shift report. 
 I left a note in thepocket of the notebook tonight:

" If you want to forge my time, you need to work on forging my writing style more accurately if you have any hope of it working."

I printed my name, drew a horned smiley-face and left it in there.  I may start photocopying the documents before he walks in.
I have a camera.

Get proof.

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