Sunday, June 5, 2011

sleep and rain

Ever since the Mayday Flashback, I've been having insomnia.  Resolved.  I think I slept 24 hours in less than 48.

But I may be getting sick again from the sinusitis...the 9 year old infection in my head. The doctors seem to think it can't exactly be cured, just managed.   So I have to clean a little more aggressively, irrigate better.

I was going to go for a motorbike ride... But apparently something I dreamed was happening is coming true.

We're about to have a good rainstorm. We've been having an epic drought. This is good.  The land's been gaping open, yearning for water. Fools flinging their cigarette butts out has set the roadsides on fire.

Oh crap, I think I left my car window open!

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