Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sorry for dropping off the map

I've been being compost mentis on a social networking site and talking to my bestie daily-ish.

I wrote a poem...

If I could

I'd disappear
Into the wind
Without a tear-

My memories filled of anguish would have never been,
All my worldly detritus gone in a flash,
Revealed to be barren of worth
As all my rootless hopes and dreams.

And there would be no more me,
One less broken being,
To litter the landscape and annoy the ears with its' pitiful bleating-

A world with one less wastrel of many talents,
One less aching idiotic thing,
None to long for my useless, agony-ridden, bumbling presence,
A sigh of total release,
Then no memories of me, but only the most blessed absence-

(Copyright of the author Oct 2011)

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