Sunday, September 26, 2010

why I play my girl as ineffectual

Okay-my wife and I play Dungeons and fact, my wife was wahooed, somewhat unwillingly, into being the DM.

I started out playing a lawful good dwarf fighter, but them I got way too emotionally involved with my character, so I wrote  him out of the story (he got to go back home and get married to his sweetie).  I am now playing a chaotic neutral rogue.
I have been playing her very ineffectually though...and I wonder, is that just how I think of females? do I think of women as ineffectual?
I mean, I certainly hope not.
I'm glad that my wife doesn't read this blog, because, next game, my character's going to tear someone a new asshole.  No more missy nice rogue. I'm going to play her like the cold, hard, bitch I should have been playing her as all along, ruthless, courageous, cunning, wicked, with little impulse control and a taste for danger.
My wife doesn't want me to change characters again, you see, so I'm going to make her life as the DM  more interesting.

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