Sunday, September 12, 2010

gender and names on the brain

I have recently come to the tentative conclusion that while my primary gender, my physical one-female, doesn't actually entirely cut it.  I think I'm bigendered, or androgyne.  Maybe.   I'm trying not to get all freaked, and to give the feelings time to resolve-as either temporary or permanent.

So until today, I've been all excited to realize I was androgyne, or as I like to put it, a/g.  Today, it occurred to me that I would eventually want a new first name if these feelings last...and this does not turn out to be a phase.
That's sort of scary.  I can pass off a more a/g way of dressing and cutting my hair as "Oh, I just feel like dressing practically."  "Oh, it's easier to put my hair back for work this way, and all those layers were a pain to keep up after."

I guess I can pick a nature name or color name, and have it not be explicitly be male or female.

Since this blog is going to remain anonymous, I'm not going to post my ideas here. 

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