Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Jewish Christmas

My wife was horribly depressed this weekend, so was I...She has managed to hurt me so much, and I spent an hour or so crying in her arms.
I was thinking about how much I would miss our Christmas tradition...Go to a Chinese place...and all the memories we've made together, good and bad.  There's been heartbreak, but there's been a lot of goodness too. 
I am so sad...I wonder if this is because I'm detaching...
She feels...stunned.  I have told her this stuff over and over and over.  She just failed to compute until now...how much she was hurting me.
She said "Everything I thought I knew is wrong."
She feels so guilty.  I feel guilty for not stopping this sooner.
I'm not sure we can repair this.  We are going to try.

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