Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adventures in relating (crosspost)

Tonight we talked...mainly about ways we annoy each other, as we kept doing them.
But we did not argue.

She helped me look for my passport...I have no idea where it is, it was last seen in a manila envelope. Before she went to bed, she noted something:

E:"I am talking in a monotone to avoid triggering you."
HR: "Thanks."
E: "I'm surprised you don't find it kinda creepy."
HR "Gee, I don't.  I find it soothing."
E: "Well, I find it kinda creepy."
HR: "I'm trying not to laugh at you."
E: "I'm thinking of Steven Wright."

At this point we broke into Steven Wright jokes, then she went to bed.
I really do love her. Really really...
I just have to find a way to be happy with her, she with me, and all our heaping helping of weird.

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