Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This weekend was...not good.
The wife kept getting angry at me, whatever I said, on Saturday.
 By Sunday, she had me totally wigged out.
I just wanted away from her. ..I slept all this weekend because I could get away from her no other way.
I slept so much my butt was sore when I woke up.  And I binge-ate.
 I took a bunch of 5-htp to try and remain calm, and ended up taking too much...I got nauseous and very sleepy.
 I'm still reluctant to get around her.
I feel nervous, numb, sad and feel so very tired and helpless when I think about it.
I'm also thinking about hitting or cutting myself, because I can't get over the feeling I did something to deserve this...and at any rate, self-injury really will clear the cobwebs out like nobody's business.
She does this stuff and I just withdraw, shut down.

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